What’s Your Style? … A character study of sorts

So here I am on my soapbox yet again. Art, creating art is part of who I am. I believe that as teachers, we should be attempting to weave artistic elements into all learning areas. At times that can be difficult. Many of my juicy writing exemplars include an artistic element. As mentioned previously, only one period a week was allocated to this type of writing. Completing publication of writing and then embellishing it with a piece of art was our early finishing activity. The rule was writing first, art last. Unfinished work was safely stored in a Juicy Writing basket to avoid the risk of it being lost in the murky depths of a desk. We all have different ways of being human; weaving an artistic element into creative writing gave many students a chance to shine.

While I’m solving the world’s problems, concern number two. I am forever baffled by Year 7-8 students inability to successfully use scissors. The majority of my classes couldn’t cut out. That worried me. Fine motor skills are required in many occupations. The weekly publishing of Juicy Writing required them to cut out their template. Initially this was accompanied by wails of anguish, demands that I cut it out for them or a furious dash around the classroom to find someone who could use scissors. Over time I made the templates harder and harder to cut out. Eventually they got it!

Excellent resource!!

School Arts magazine, published by Davis Publications is an invaluable resource. It is specifically targeted at Art teachers. They now publish their magazine on-line. Many of the ideas shared in the magazine can be successfully integrated into other learning areas.


Juicy Stuff

What’s your style?

What do you like to wear? This is where we get to play let’s pretend, money is no object, add a sprinkle of imagination and get creative.

Please refer to previous posts for Success Criteria.

Lesson Outline

  • Revisit Success Criteria
  • Share exemplar

What’s my style exemplar

My style image (duck like) 001#1

This is what my husband fondly referred to as my Donald Duck look. As the majority of our students will use the template below to draw themselves, I felt that it was only right that I should do the same. Add a pinch of creative licence and my legs miraculously got longer, I also have a waist and hips.


  • Hand out word lists. Identify six new adjectives that could be used to support students writing. Solicit input from class. “Are there any adjectives that you would like me to record on the whiteboard to help you?”
  • Encouraging student input, write class exemplar on white board for all to see, experimenting with adjectives.
  • Independent work, work the room.
  • Conference with the teacher, mark drafts, correct spelling, give positive feedback, feed forward.
  • Publish, add drawing to support, trace template or draw free hand (personal choice).

What’s my style template


motivation insertjpg#1


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