Lets Get Creative …. How to make an inexpensive retro cushion

It must be the cold weather. Here I am, stuck inside, trying to keep warm. My mosaic pot is tantalizingly close to being finished, the thought of spending an entire day outside in a bitterly cold southerly grouting it, does not appeal. Therefore, in order to satisfy my insatiable desire to create I have immersed myself in other creative pursuits. Hence this post.

T towels are an essential item in any kitchen. Many years ago they were a common gift. Quite frankly some are far too fancy to dry dishes with. Being a bit of a cheap skate, I pride myself in my ability to create something out of nothing.

Retro Cushions


  • One t towel (New Zealand themed available at discount stores)
  • 80 centimetres of trim
  • 27 centimetres Velcro
  • Cotton


Give your t towel a quick iron, I often find that they are not a perfect rectangle. This can be ‘fixed up’ as you assemble the cushion.

IMG_9230 #1

Cut the Velcro in half. Save the remainder for another cushion.


Place the Velcro on the bottom and top edges of the t towel. Mark halfway and pin your Velcro in place ready to sew. This will form an opening for your cushion inner.


Sew in place

IMG_9235#1 IMG_9236#1

I intended using Gold thread to sew my Velcro on, the thread was unsuitable. Black thread to the rescue. With the Velcro stitched in place, join the two sides together. Carefully pin the remaining part of the seam together. Stitch in place, as shown below. Sew from the side towards the Velcro, turn and sew back out to the edge. You may discover at this point that your t towel is not a perfect rectangle. Just ignore it. We fix this later.


A perfect opening!


Oh dear upside down! It’s time to decide what images you want on the front of your cushion. Play around with the t towel ‘tube’ until you are satisfied. If you refer to my two cushions at the beginning of this post, the join (opening for cushion inner) is not at the centre back of the cushion.



Mark the top and bottom of your cushion on both sides with a pin. Your trim will be sewn to the (front) cushion between these markers. Carefully pin trim between top and bottom markers on both sides. I have sewn the trim 1.5cm in from the cushion edge. The trim I used was found in a clearance bin at Spotlight, $1.00 a metre. A great buy, a little fiddly to sew on. My seam was not particularly straight. NB: Trim is not compulsory


 As you pin the side seams together, make sure all your frilly bits are inside the cushion. This is where you tidy up any messy seams.


I am stitching a ‘perfectly straight’ seam just inside my wobbly trim seam. Tidy up time!


Ironed ready for the cushion inner. Please note not upside down!

IMG_9252#1    IMG_9254#1

Cut your cushion inner exactly the same size as your cushion, allowing a little extra for seam allowance. I made mine out of an old pillow case. The filling, Hobby Fill from Spotlight.




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2 Responses to Lets Get Creative …. How to make an inexpensive retro cushion

  1. Your too much girlfriend, your so creative, I will send you photos of what to make with a face flannel , hope to finish them today, love margs

  2. SharynFlack says:

    Hi Margs
    I’m on fire at the moment. Lots of things on the go. I’m writing another blog at the moment, this on with a creative writing/art journal lean. I’m looking forward to seeing your photos. Keep warm, lots of love Sharyn

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