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In a Quandary?

I struggle with the concept of social media. Yes, rather ironical isn’t it. For the moment, bear with me, and you’ll see where this is going. My privacy, my family’s privacy has always been important. As a teacher you share anecdotal stories about your life, my poor husband received more than his fair share of attention. Nevertheless, I strived to keep my life private. Facebook was avoided despite countless requests by friends to join up.

Born in the 1950’s my old-fashioned view of friendship is light years away from today’s understanding of a friend. We didn’t care if people didn’t ‘like’ us. Having few ‘friends’ was not deemed socially unacceptable. We played in the streets, built huts, dammed streams, and ran ourselves ragged before dinner time. Televisions were owned by few. I ate what I wanted; pudding every night, admittedly junk food was not common menu item. It hadn’t been invented. We were all skinny, there were minor exceptions but they were very rare.

Add to that my experiences in the classroom, the obsessive behaviour of the current younger generation with regards to social media and the negative repercussions it has.

I find myself in a quandary. I’m damned if I do and dammed if I don’t. ICT skills are a prerequisite to many teaching positions. An old duck like me could find herself on the scrap heap, long past her use by date. I need to stun potential employers with my vast array of skills.

Yes, I’ve had to get with the times. Suck it up and deal with it. On my terms, let that be known. I’ve entered the pick me group, self-promotion is the name of the game. I am going to do it my way. Pssst … I rather enjoy having a blog.

pick me

 Juicy Stuff

Pick Me

For the benefit of those who haven’t read my earlier posts, this is how I do it. As you may have guessed the focus of this juicy writing is self promotion. We often over exaggerate our capabilities, don’t deny it we have all been guilty of this at some stage in our lives. Naturally, exaggeration poems (see link below), are the perfect choice for our juicy writing experience.


Learning Outcome: Use descriptive language to add impact to your writing

Success Criteria

  • Write a minimum of five lines
  • Use at least one new descriptive word
  • Avoid using dead words
  • Make an honest attempt when spelling unknown words
  • Write from the heart

Lesson Outline

  • Revisit Success Criteria
  • Discuss exaggeration, poetry4kids.com link is very helpful.
  • Share on-line examples and exemplar, encourage class input and write class exemplar on white board for all to see, adding adjectives to give it a WOW factor!

Pick me exemplar#1

  • Identify six new adjectives that could be used to support students writing. Use word list to support (see link). Each student should have one glued in their writing books for reference.


  • Independent work, work the room assisting where necessary.
  • Conference with the teacher, mark drafts, correct spelling, give positive feedback, feed forward.
  • Publish
  • Share writing with class

Pick me template#1

motivation insertjpg#1


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