Take the Postives

A week has flown by and I’m still feeling the warm glow. I tried something new, something unfamiliar, something challenging; the experience was positive and rewarding.

The hard, the negative too often shape our day. Our world is full of negativity. Proliferations of the negative in our daily newspapers and television news, constantly remind us that the world is a bad place. And yet it isn’t.

Life continually challenges. More often than not, with a pinch of perseverance, a teaspoon of determination, a splash of creative thinking and a smidge of downright stubbornness they lead to successful outcomes.

I embrace a challenge. Before you get overly excited, let’s rule out anything life threatening here. I’m far too old and sensible to risk my physical well-being. My challenges are usually creative in nature. During the weekend I started something new and unfamiliar. My efforts were unsuccessful, my pathetic attempts lie in a pile on the couch, waiting for me to return, and I will.

Never under-estimate the power of success. The way we look at the world shapes our reality. Take the positives, let it feed your creativity and make your world a better place. On that note let me introduce the focus of our Juicy Writing.

Juicy Writing

Things to do while watching the sunrise

(Inspired by Brigid Lowry)

sunset birdwoodsunrise larger

Sunrises and sunsets are in my opinion under rated. A truly positive experience. The anticipation of a new day as the sun creeps slowly over the horizon, decorating, embellishing the early morning sky. Or the inevitable sunset, an unpredictable technicolor slide show.

I was surprised to discover that very few students had taken the time to watch either a sunrise or sunset. There are countless examples on the internet, share them with your students.

Learning Outcome: Use descriptive language to add impact to your writing

Success Criteria

  • Write a minimum of five lines
  • Use at least one new descriptive word
  • Avoid using dead words
  • Make an honest attempt when spelling unknown words
  • Write from the heart

Lesson Outline

  • Revisit Success Criteria.
  • Share exemplar, encourage class input and write a class exemplar on the white board for all to see, adding adjectives to give it a WOW factor!

Things to do while watching the sunrise exemplar#1

  • Identify six new adjectives that could be used to support students writing. Use word list to support (see link). Each student should have one glued in their writing books for reference.


  • Independent work, work the room.
  • Conference with the teacher, mark drafts, correct spelling, give positive feedback, feed forward.
  • Publish on template

Things to do while watching the sunrise template


 I always emphasise the importance of being creative, using your  imagination, during the initial stages of a creative writing lesson. Never the less students still ask me if they have to tell the truth. My reply goes something like this, take the truth and start exaggerating like there’s no tomorrow. It is so important to model this process, on the whiteboard (smart board), before independent writing, take their ideas and embellish them. Most importantly, reassure your classes that no idea is a bad idea, it may require some fine tuning, never discount it. Do not rub it out, erase it. Leave it there to rest. As you conference with each student show them how to add ‘WOW’ factor with adjectives.

motivation insertjpg#1


This is a special thank you to Isabella, every time I teach this lesson I am reminded of a line you wrote during this lesson …

“Brush the grass to make the dew drops jump”

Thank you for making me smile.



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