Soul Food

Yes I do cook soul food on the odd occasion, jambalaya is a particular favourite. However that is not what this post is about.

I returned to full time teaching in the latter stages of term 3. My life of luxury ended, I jumped back on the roller coaster, held on tight and thoroughly enjoyed the ride, every single tantalising moment. This year brings fresh challenges, welcome challenges. With that in mind I decided to feed my soul over the summer break. Dip my toes into that creative pool of possibilities.

What follows is a sneaky peek at what I’ve been doing.

I love a good Op shop. Beautiful quirky china and woollen blankets my objective. A recent find, a $17 blanket was destined to be transformed into cushions.


My son tells me I’m obsessed with cushions, maybe it’s true. Let me introduce my latest crochet creations. These were inspired by a frequently visited blog The pattern for the flower themed cushion came from Melinda Miller

I made a crocheted necklace, a bit woolly. I suspect it will be worn in winter, rather than summer.


I’ve started to mosaic an umbrella stand, beach themed of course. Unfortunately I haven’t made much progress. Hopefully I’ll get the text finished later in the week and start the background.


Now for the stupidest thing I’ve attempted to do. Before you all start nudging each other saying I should have sprayed the chair and not attempted to paint it the old fashioned way. Yes I know! Very tempted to hurl it onto the rubbish pile. As soon as this blog is posted I’m going to finish the second coat, then reflect on it, as all good teachers do.


Mindful of the fact that large creative projects will be on the back burner in the very near future. I have already planned what I will do in the coming months. A crochet blanket, with a flowery lean. I’ve purchased the book and started the squares, watch this space.


Wishing you all a very Happy New Year. If you teach, take care of yourself.



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Wife, Mother, Teacher (Relief), Frustrated Writer, Part Time Artist, Problem Solver
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