Life in the Twilight Zone.

It fleetingly came to me the other day. I live a large proportion of my life in the twilight zone. I frequently have to justify my lifestyle choice to those around me. They don’t understand what they describe as my self-destructive lifestyle. Regularly misunderstood, much maligned, seldom revered.

The world they see me entering each day is a world the majority doesn’t understand. Yes I work in another dimension, surrounded by noises both heart warming and heart breaking, with sights that delight, sights that challenge. A place full of shadows, the unexpected, a roller coaster ride of countless ups and downs, twists and turns. Moments of sadness, flashes of joy. A ride with seemingly no end, a ride I keep returning to?

As this restful and restorative period ends, I will once again enter the twilight zone. Keep me in your thoughts. Wish me luck.

Abstract Sharyn0001

Juicy Stuff

My main goal this year has been to instill a love of words in my classroom. Hopefully this will ultimately result in more enthusiasm for reading and writing. My everyday language is peppered with new words, my written language the same. Slowly but surely I can see changes.

Therefore to aid this process my prompt or focus for Juicy Writing when I return to the twilight zone, is two, oh so useful words, fortunately and unfortunately. The motivator

I have included two exemplars, the first I wrote for more experienced writers.

Fortunately unfortunately exemplar

This exemplar was written for my younger writers. We have spent a week learning about how honey was made, so I thought it was appropriate that I should revisit that.

Fortunately Unfortunately exemplar honey bee

Finally here is the template for publication.

Fortunately Unfortunately template#1

motivation insertjpg#1

I wanted to share my latest creative endeavours with you. Unfortunately time is short. I’m mindful of the fact that I’ve been absent from this space for some time. Therefore I’m going to hit the publish button now. After I’ve battled my way through my ‘to do’ list , I’ll return and bore you with the fanciful stuff I’ve been making. Until then, ka kite ano, see you later.







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