Back in the Land of Blog

Yes, I am a free spirit once again. The Lid on Pandora’s Box is firmly closed. Don’t get me wrong I’ll miss the chaos that teaching is. The daily interactions that made me smile, sustained me when it got tough. I’m a natural problem solver; teaching immerses you in a cacophony of problems. I relished the challenge. On the other hand I look forward to not regularly waking in the early hours of the morning and worrying about problem number 463!

A huge thank you to my teaching colleagues this year, you rock. To my class of 2016, believe in yourselves, thank you for everything you taught me.

Two days before the end of the school year, as I nervously listened to my Breast Physician, I was poignantly reminded why I need to avoid a stressful existence. Unfortunately the women in my family are stalked by breast cancer. I am grateful that I continue to be healthy. I am thankful that I can choose to return to relief teaching and a less stressful life. A huge huggy thank you to my patient husband.

As 2016 drew to a close I reflected on what has sustained me this year. Being creative is what keeps me sane. How I’ve found calm amongst the incessant chaos. My arthritic hands needed to be busy. I knitted and knitted, completing various projects. Vintage knitting patterns are my latest craze. No more trips to the wool shop, patterns and wool are readily available online.


Almost finished

I snatched little moments and sketched. Art Journaling is one of my many passions, funnily enough art journaling requires a large collection of stunning Faber Castell pens, gelatos, pencils, anyway that’s what I‘ve told the man of the house. All fabulously available on line. My doodles were regularly used as prompts for writing in class.

I adore writing, yes as a teacher you’re writing endlessly. Usually not on subjects you’d choose. The husband and I escaped on two stunning holidays in 2016, our destinations Stewart Island and Japan. With pen in hand I recorded our experiences in minute detail, the desire to write temporarily satisfied.

Teaching technology is one of my favourite things to do. Immersing my class in the Technology Process during term four was hugely rewarding for all of us. My creative box ticked once again.


An amazing effort

My biggest challenge now is to slow down, find the calm in me and not drive the husband nuts. Cook healthy food, bake anything and slip in a smattering of vegetarian meals if I can?

Getting back into sewing is a priority, a new over locker and sewing machine on my wish list. Yet another mind blowing discovery, I can buy sewing patterns online. Of course there is also my penchant for making blanket cushions.


An on-going obssession

Long walks are high on the list, one has to maintain ones waistline.


Spending time with family has always been important. Our family home has been packed to the rafters during holidays. Wonderful times with wonderful people.


Toffee our youngest family member

What have I learnt from all of this? When time is short and you live in the sticks online shopping is the way to go. A girl has got to be able to shop, especially when she is stressed. Don’t get me wrong I’m no shopaholic. Being time poor has made me realise the importance of using time wisely, indiscriminate shopping is a time waster.

I know this post has been quite frivolous, almost all about ‘me- ish’. For that I apologise. I felt that walking away from a perfectly good job required some sort of explanation. So here’s to 2017. One door closes and another one opens. I can’t wait to peep inside.


About SharynFlack

Wife, Mother, Teacher (Relief), Frustrated Writer, Part Time Artist, Problem Solver
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4 Responses to Back in the Land of Blog

  1. Deb says:

    Yay, you’re back on your blog! An inspiration for those of us still procrastinating. Looking forward to keeping up with all your happenings in 2017 & the words of wisdom you so generously share. X

  2. Margaret Flack says:

    Hi sharyn, well written, enjoy your stress free life . You will get use to it , and wonder how you kept it up ( teaching ,that is ) so glad you are still creative. Love marg xxxx 💝💝☕️🍸🍸

    Sent from my iPad


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