Ellsworth Coat by Christine Haynes

I dream about sewing, rather a pleasant way to float through the night. It sure beats the type of dreams I had when I was teaching full time.

I’m now comfortable with dressing to please me and not others. Colour is important, be true to yourself, take risks, life is too short. Sewing is an exercise in determination, never giving up. I’m as stubborn as hell, you do stuff things up, sort it out, it’s character building.

Where would I be without my trusty Bernina (just been serviced), my antique over locker and my ‘in your face’ shocking pink cutting table. Whoops I almost forgot Elaina.

One of the great joys in my life at present, apart from all the important stuff, family and food, is downloadable pdf sewing patterns. For years I was an avid collector of Vogue patterns. Simplicity, and Butterick patterns didn’t suit my body shape. Boy, did I have a collection to be proud of. Moving house changed all that. Furiously decluttering, I got ruthless, telling myself I would keep the classics and sell the rest. Which I dutifully did. Yep, I discarded way too many. Discovering downloadable patterns saved my bacon.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m still a pdf virgin. My acquisitions so far have produced very successful results. I cautiously sift through reviews on patterns before purchasing. Which leads, to the reason for this post.

The Ellsworth Coat by Christine Haynes. After much consideration, I purchased this pattern. What follows is an unbiased review.

I was thrilled with this pattern. I was going to print the pattern at our local printer shop, that is, until I discovered it was going to cost a fortune. The instructions were very clear, I made a mock up to check my size, went shopping at Centrepoint Fabrics and purchased a gorgeous rusty orange wool.

The technology teacher in me revelled in the whole process.


The construction process was seamless, the only hiccup was when I couldn’t for the life of me figure out Step 38-41. I was bamboozled. To cut a long story short I found this lovely video on YouTube and solved my problem.





I’m over the moon with my Ellsworth coat, it’s divine.

My Laurel Shift dress from Colette goes with it beautifully. A little snippet of fabric I picked up on special at The Fabric Store.


Happy sewing.



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