The Simple Things That Make You Smile

Despite my best intentions I’ve been absent from blog land for a number of weeks. I got busy, I’ve been back in teacher land, bouncing between classes. Spending my days with little people, medium sized people and young adults who almost look me in the eye. Loving every moment of it. The down side is that I have now contracted bubonic plague, well almost.

I’ve just turned sixty. Pretty special really, apart from the wrinkles and a few minor ailments, being sixty doesn’t worry me. Leading up to my birthday the usual questions were asked. “What do you want?” The lovely man wanted to buy me the world.

The answer was, not a lot! Just the things that make me smile. I’ve become a minimalist, sort of. We’re ignoring my wardrobe of course.

Where was I? Yes, what makes me smile? That heart-warming smile that costs nothing. A smile that makes you feel all fuzzy and warm inside. Funnily enough, it’s the simple things.


An annoying dog who wants to play


An exquisite flower in my garden


A funky teacosy


A pot of pansies


My cupcake pincushion

A picnic at the beach, an unexpected hug, a compliment, a smile across a crowded room, creating something wonderful, teaching a new skill, laughing with someone, time with friends, Sunday dinners with family, spending time with my stroppy caring man. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera………….

Oh, I feel a teaching resource coming on. So here we, The Simple Things That Make Us Smile Juicy Writing resource.

Simple things exemplar 

Template simple things

I modified the template for publishing in a YR 3 class. Available below.

updated simple things.pdf#1

I used this in a classroom two days ago. When I announced that we were going to do Juicy Writing I was greeted with cheers. I kid you not! See my earlier posts if you don’t know what I’m burbling on about. We had a wonderful time, lots of new language and the artistic class members were in heaven. I used the doodles drawn by Liz Pichon in the Tom Gates series as inspiration. A resounding success.

The best things in life are free: take the time to notice them, the simple things. The things that make us smile!

Ka kite ano.










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