Let’s not talk about the weather please

Winter is starting to drive me nuts. I can feel lots of eye rolling right now particularly from my younger sister who lives surrounded by a squillion metres of snow for months during winter.

Anyway, it just won’t stop raining here. Gumboots are my footwear of choice when walking the dog. Speaking of which, I desperately want to take her for a walk right now. Unfortunately there’s a gargantuan wall of water heading our way. On a positive note rainbows are forever decorating our skyline, little pots of gold tantalisingly close.


Let’s not talk about the weather!

I was inspired by a recent little sojourn to create a Juicy Writing teaching resource. As an add-on, to my recent sixtieth birthday celebrations we planned a getaway, Wellington our starting point. The man and I love the vibe in Wellington city, the food scene is something else, vintage clothes shopping in Cuba Street a must and if you haven’t stayed at the Museum Art Hotel you really are missing out.

Our flight into Wellington was uneventful. I have immense admiration for pilots who land here in high winds; it certainly gets the adrenalin pumping. Lunch at Sweet Mothers Kitchen, our first stop. An eclectic crowd, good food, mulled wine and the latest issue of The Zippy Saver to peruse, perfect! Off to Cuba Street to shop, our purchases in hand we seal the deal with a Murphy’s Stout. Cocktails in the Hippopotamus Bar followed by dinner at the popular Istana Malaysia a short walk from the Museum Art Hotel. With my feet up I cast my eye over the latest edition of Capital Magazine and The Zippy Saver realising that I have struck teaching gold. My scissors at the ready …..

Isn’t it ironical, the teacher in me never sleeps? More about that resource later.

Without boring you too much we were booked on the 9am Interislander ferry to Picton the following morning. My other half, who is not comfortable in rough seas, was a reluctant participant. I had reassured him that his good lucky fairy (me) would protect him. Bearing in mind that as I write this blog all Cook Strait ferry crossings are cancelled due to high swells and high winds. We thankfully sailed on a picture perfect day.


Goodbye to Wellington




Entering Tory Channel


Passing the Interislander Aratere in Tory Channel.



Organising a rental car is always problematic if you plan on ditching it somewhere off the beaten track. You end up paying a premium. The man was keen on trying out a Subaru Legacy. Very impressed with our trip across Cook Strait we disembarked and located the desk of a popular rental car company. Oh my goodness, it always worries me when we are told not to worry about the damage to the car because you have full insurance. We were greeted by a dunga. This car had had a hard life, it wallowed on corners, suspension problems I suspect, we cautiously drove to Blenheim.

A delightful lunch at St Clairs Vineyard Kitchen highlighted the issues that traffic has to deal with travelling to Christchurch, after the recent Kaikoura earthquake. Large trucks surrounded as we drove to our lunch destination on a previously quiet little country road. By the way our lunch at St Clairs was yummy!

Off to Nelson via Havelock. The other half repeatedly mourning the fact that The Mussel Pot Café in Havelock was closed for the off season. If you’re into mussels this is a must do. We wend our merry way up hill and down dale to Nelson. It seemed to be further down than up! And no we hadn’t had too much wine with our lunch.

I love Trip Advisor, the man and I always consult the Trip Advisor God’s. We don’t always follow their advice but it helps. Our accommodation for the night was booked so we were walking distance from our restaurant of choice, The Oyster Bar and Eatery. This is a must visit, a delightful host, gorgeous oysters patiently waiting to be shucked, an open kitchen with lovely chefs, tempura oysters to die for, succulent pork gao bao buns, beef empanadas, finished off with a power packed affogato sloshed with orange liqueur. We were in heaven.

After a restless night’s sleep, according to the man I sat bolt upright in the early hours of the morning and asked where the dog was! Bearing in mind Toffee is not meant to sleep on our bed …. As previously discussed she does! The man, after thinking what is the old battle axe on about, calmly replied, “Sharyn, we are in Nelson!”

After ditching the dunga the following morning at Nelson Airport we were astounded by the packed terminal. Renovations were happening; it was full to the brim with travellers. Apparently the airport now copes with 480 flights every week. My how things are changing. We live in an outstanding country, I can see why people flock here to enjoy the sights. Back home to Auckland, the new Waterview tunnel shortening our trip home. Yes, rain still falling.

Getting back to that resource. My creative juices tend to flow more freely when I’m out of my comfort zone. Armed with my trusty bag of stationery goodies, I cut out, played on my computer, and indulged in a little Art Journalling. I would like to thank the creators of The Zippy Saver and the contributors to Capital magazine for the kick start.

Let’s not talk about the weather page 1#

Let’s not talk about the weather page 2

This resource should be printed on A3 paper.

I will use this resource in Year 4-8 classes. If you’re not sure what I am rattling on about with this Juicy Writing stuff, please refer to my earliest posts.  When relieving, I don’t expect teachers to plan for me. As a full time teacher planning for a reliever when you’re unwell is the last thing you feel like doing. I appreciated not having to do that. I am now returning the favour.

I haven’t included an exemplar. If you find them helpful let me know. Feedback is important. I always model writing in front of a class and we write a class exemplar together prior to independent work.

Stay warm.

Ka kite ano from down under.


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