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When I first added this page to my blog site I had planned to post all my crafty stuff here. Unfortunately this page has been neglected and crafty stuff has found its way into my blog pages. So for those of you interested in my crafty pursuits, sewing, knitting, crochet, mosaicking, in fact all of my artistic endeavours, I suggest you use the search engine on the right hand side of this page. For example, if you type crochet into the search engine, viola all my blogs that have crochet stuff in them will pop up. Happy searching.

Crafty stuff

As a young girl, born into a household where a creative bent was a given, we all learnt to make wonderful things. We crocheted, knitted and sewed through necessity. Decades later creating beautiful things, whether it be a unique item of clothing, a crocheted tea cosy, a mosaicked piece that has taken months to complete, a painting I have anguished over because I am not good enough. Or the chair I should never have tried to reupholster. Alternatively the vintage bags I recreate (inspired by Rosemary McLeod). They all result in an immense amount of hand wringing and constant problem solving. Never the less the fruits of my labours give me an immense amount of pleasure.

Some of my artistic pieces have inspired my writing endeavours. On this page I hope to share my creative journey. There is always something happening.

Shattered Shards, New Beginnings

I don’t claim to be an expert mosaicer; it’s all a matter of opinion.  What I do know is that over the last 15 years it has given me an immense amount of pleasure. An inexpensive hobby. A chance to doodle to dabble to be me! Many years ago my exceptionally talented friend, Sue took me in hand and showed how it was done. “Follow the Line”. A small pot done, Sue pointed at our almost completed concrete pool and suggested I mosaic something on the bottom of it. As I crouched in the bottom of the pool, in the sweltering heat, struggling to complete the planet Saturn, dark thoughts fleetingly crossed my mind. Yes, we are still friends. We’ve moved on since then, said goodbye to the pool and mosaicked pizza oven. I was almost tearful when I left them behind.

Generally when I mosaic I have a plan. Tiles are a favoured material, both floor and wall. It all depends on the colour. Recently I have decided to let things happen, which has led to a lot of hand wringing. Then there is always a family member hanging over your shoulder reminding you that an antique plate you’ve broken and are reassembling on a pot is going to be lumpy. “Can’t you smooth it out a little?” “Won’t it be a problem when you grout?”  My calm retort is that it will add depth and I always allow a whole day to grout!

I often find myself problem solving. My latest pot is a case in point. Small plates I’ve cemented directly onto the pot, tea pot lids, 70’s tea bag holders, and a piece of Wedgewood (don’t tell my mother-in-law). They sit proud; I’ll cement black tiles (the background) underneath and deal with the grouting nightmare in the future.

Weather permitting, I’ll hopefully make good progress on this pot over the weekend. I also promise to wear my glasses when I take the next lot of photos, most of them were ghastly. The joys of aging.

Before grouting photos.

IMG_9223#1 IMG_9222#1 IMG_9225#1 IMG_9226#1

The finished product

A mish mash of everything. Very pleased with the outcome.

A mish mash of everything. Very pleased with the outcome.


5 Responses to Creative Stuff

  1. Deb says:

    I can’t wait to start following you as you share your latest creations here on ‘creative stuff’. Good on you Sharyn for following your dreams and throwing caution to the wind to pursue all that you hold dear. It takes time, it takes a vision and most of all, it takes courage. May you enjoy the very wonderful ‘journey’ you are embarking on. Deb xx

    • SharynFlack says:

      Thanks Deb, Lots of visitors all weekend so sharing my creative journey did not happen. I am about to do battle with the photo gallery. Hopefully by the end of today. Fingers crossed Sharyn

  2. Will look forward to your creative blogs. Well done sharyn proud of you margs

  3. Got ur mosaic can’t get ur crotchet showed the ladies on my phone it’s gone !!’ Margs

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